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Ruby and Sam from The Herd worked with students at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama's DATE course’s on their Directed Project unit.  Students make a performance for young audiences in the final term of the first year- but this year things had to be done differently. Covid-19 meant that the doors to Central and our venues were closed, but we were determined to stay creative, keep making theatre and, most importantly, connect with audiences and communities.

We worked with 3 companies of 10 students, to create  3 speculative shows for 2-5 year olds and their families. Each company created an original story, wrote a script, made music, developed a design and thought carefully about the audience we’d like to reach.  

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The Orange tells the story of Pip, an imaginative and curious child with a hearing impairment and their spritely hearing dog Wilbur.

Join us in Pip’s glorious garden. Pip is ready to get up and play whereas Wilbur is tired and wants to sleep all day. When Wilbur wakes up, their whole world is not the same; Pip has a new best friend and the world is now orange. Wilbur is suddenly left out and tries their very best to join in. But will Wilbur get it right?


A non verbal relaxed show with integrated British Sign Language, set to an original soundtrack, highlighting the importance of friendship and making everyone feel included.


Feelings are tricky, you don’t always know how they’re going to come out. Sometimes they trickle, sometimes they flood…

Felix the cloud wants to make friends with the children of the town that he watches over, so he comes down flooded with excitement. But the children don’t understand Felix’s feelings, they think he’s just trouble.

Enter our town to help Mildred, Minnie and Tajorn get their toys back. Splash your way through this brand new show for 2-5 year olds and their families, full of music, water and feelings.



Logic does everything by the book. Kinetic doesn’t need an instruction manual to have a little fun, and Imagination is in their own other world. They are three people together in these woods, but they are miles apart in how they like to get things done. When they find themselves forced to be with each other, well anything could go wrong?


In a quiet campsite where the wind howls through the trees, join the three in a theatre experience of adventure, struggle and new understandings in this new contemporary classic with original songs and sounds, and sights too!

This is a Royal Central School of Speech and Drama project

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